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TitleA review of a small production gas field in Central Bredasdorp Basin, based on new seismic, integrated with core and log data.
AuthorMasindi, Rotondwa
AbstractMagister Scientiae - MSc (Earth Science)
AbstractThe study area is a small production gas field located in the Bredasdorp basin. The basin is situated off the south coast of South Africa. It covers an area of approximately 18000 km2. The field of study comprises of three wells which contain gas in the 13A and 10A sands. Prior seismic has limited resolution and production disproves previous geological and seismic understanding. Previous studies have shown that the reservoirs in this field are difficult to map due to thin sandstone beds which are below seismic resolution. The project is aimed at obtaining a more detailed regional stratigraphic and structural interpretation based on new seismic data.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape