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TitleA learning management system based framework for higher education quality programme review
AuthorBotha, Adriana Johanna Maria
SubjectInformation Systems
SubjectProgramme Assessment
SubjectProgramme Review
SubjectHigher Education
SubjectLearning Management System
AbstractGrounded in the Design Science Research Approach in Information Systems, the goal of this research project was to conceptualise, design, and develop, an innovative framework for Programme Alignment, Implementation, and Reporting (PAIR) in order to facilitate student success at a South African higher education institution (University ABC) . For this study, the researcher applied PAIR to two academic departments at University ABC. Construction of the framework was interpretively considered and informed by the Diffusion of Innovations Theory of Everett Rogers (1995). The Blackboard Learn® Goals Area (BbGA), a feature embedded in the official Learning Management System (LMS) of University ABC, was incorporated into PAIR as it afforded the two departments mentioned above the opportunity to provide proof of evidence that programme outcomes were constructively aligned with course content, course assessment, student digital activities, the tracking of students’ performance, and the monitoring of students’ progress. It was argued that PAIR could also provide a basis for professional programme outcomes in the departments mentioned above when aligned to their respective Professional Boards’ accreditation criteria requirements. It was found that, within a decentralised higher education institution (such as University ABC) where an annual quality review of programme and module outcomes alignment and reporting in departments is not compulsory, that PAIR could facilitate such a process as part of a faculty’s and a department’s teaching goals. It was also concluded that PAIR could afford South African higher education institutions in general the opportunity to contextualise outcomes coverage and achievement reporting to improve programme quality and to inform intervention strategies to advance effective student learning and student success.
AbstractThesis (PhD (Information Systems))--University of Pretoria, 2020.
AbstractPhD (Information Systems)
PublisherUniversity of Pretoria
IdentifierBotha, AJM 2020, A learning management system based framework for higher education quality programme review, PhD (Information Systems) Thesis, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, viewed yymmdd