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TitleJost-matrix analysis of nuclear scattering data
AuthorVaandrager, Paul
SubjectQuantum few-body physics
SubjectScattering theory
SubjectNuclear physics
AbstractThe analysis of scattering data is usually done by fitting the S-matrix at real experimental energies. An analytic continuation to complex and negative energies must then be performed to locate possible resonances and bound states, which correspond to poles of the S-matrix. Difficulties in the analytic continuation arise since the S-matrix is energy dependent via the momentum, k and the Sommerfeld parameter, η, which makes it multi-valued. In order to circumvent these difficulties, in this work, the S-matrix is written in a semi-analytic form in terms of the Jost matrices, which can be given as a product of known functions dependent on k and η, and unknown functions that are entire and singled-valued in energy. The unknown functions are approximated by truncated Taylor series where the expansion coefficients serve as the data-fitting parameters. The proper analytic structure of the S-matrix is thus maintained. This method is successfully tested with data generated by a model scattering potential. It is then applied to α12C scattering, where resonances of 16O in the quantum states Jρ =0+, 1−, 2+, 3−, and 4+ are located. The parameters of these resonances are accurately determined, as well as the corresponding S-matrix residues and Asymptotic Normalisation Coefficients, relevant to astrophysics. The method is also applied to dα scattering to determine the bound and resonance state parameters, corresponding S-matrix residues and Asymptotic Normalisation Coefficients of 6Li in the 1+, 2+, 3+, 2−, and 3− states.
AbstractThesis (PhD)--University of Pretoria, 2020.
AbstractNational Research Foundation (NRF)
PublisherUniversity of Pretoria
IdentifierVaandrager, P 2020, Jost-matrix analysis of nuclear scattering data, PhD Thesis, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, viewed yymmdd