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TitleChallenges facing subject heads of departments in promoting quality teaching and learning of dysfuctional secondary schools of Mopani District
AuthorMalatji, Maruping William
SubjectDysfunctional schools
SubjectSubject Heads of Department
Format1 online resource (xiv, 229 leaves)
AbstractMEd (Educational Management)
AbstractDepartment of Educational Management
AbstractSubject heads of departments (SHDs) play pivotal role in the leadership and curriculum delivery in secondary schools; yet they are still expected to lead departmental teams and to promote quality of teaching and learning. They find themselves in complex situations of leading departmental teams and of leading instructions in secondary schools. The purpose of this study is to investigate the challenges facing SHDs in promoting quality teaching and learning of dysfunctional Secondary schools. Qualitative research methodology was employed using case study research design to collect data through interviews and on-site observation checklists. Purposive sampling procedure was used to select four (4) out of seven (7) dysfunctional secondary schools. Sixteen (16) SHDs from the seven secondary schools were the population of this study. A total of ten (10) SHDs were sampled to be the participants in this study. Semi-structured individual interview schedules and on-site observation check list were used to collect data from participants. A voice recorder was used to record interviews and data collected was interpreted verbatim. The purpose of using on-site observation was to serve check the practicability and verification of data collected during interviews. Data from the two instruments was triangulated, analysed and interpreted verbatim. Common themes were drawn followed by interpretations and conclusions. The researcher presented general views of participants and linked them with relevant literature. The researcher hoped that this study will benefit teachers, school management teams (SMT) and researchers in understanding the challenges facing SHDs in promoting quality teaching and learning in dysfunctional Secondary schools (DSS). Empirical findings revealed that SHDs are facing complex challenges of promoting quality teaching and learning in dysfunctional Secondary Schools. Furthermore, it is recommended that SHDs should be supported internally by Principals and deputy principals. Equally importance is that external support by curriculum advisors should be ongoing.