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TitleThe enhancement of quality education using self-assessment strategies in the Zambezi region of Namibia
AuthorMatakala, Vincent Mubiana
SubjectContinuous professional development
SubjectQuality education
SubjectQuality education enhancement
SubjectRoles of school principals
SubjectSelf-assessment strategies
SubjectTeacher effectiveness
SubjectTeachers -- Self-rating of -- Namibia – Zambezi
SubjectTeacher effectiveness -- Namibia – Zambezi
SubjectEducational evaluation -- Namibia – Zambezi
SubjectTotal quality management in education -- Namibia – Zambezi
SubjectTeachers – In-service training -- Namibia – Zambezi
Format1 online resource (xiv, 253 leaves) : illustrations (chiefly color), color graphs
AbstractThis sequential explorative mixed methods study aims to explore how selfassessment strategies can be used to enhance quality education in schools in the Zambezi region of Namibia. The researcher posits that teachers are key in enhancing quality education if accorded appropriate recourses to innovate and explore the use of self-assessment strategies in schools. A pragmatic research approach was used to guide this sequential explorative mixed methods study. The study sought participants’ perceptions on four sub-problems of the study: What entails quality and quality education? How can self-assessment strategies be linked to quality and quality education in general terms? What recourses are available to ensure that quality education is realised by the use of self-assessment strategies in the Zambezi region? How can self-assessment strategy models be developed to enhance the quality of education in the Zambezi region? Purposefully sampled school principals and heads of departments of five combined schools participated in the study. During the first phase, face-to-face interviews were conducted with the five participating school principals while the HoDs were engaged in a focus group interview. The qualitative data was later used to inform the design of the second phase of the study (quantitative). In the second phase, fifty-four teachers completed Likert-scale questionnaires which were analysed using IBM SPSS.19 and Microsoft Excel to compare with the qualitative data. This study revealed that schools have common understandings of quality and quality education albeit defined differently. The study also revealed that external professional support is inadequate to support teachers in continuous professional development activities. Furthermore, the study showed that the available recourses are seldom utilised to enhance quality education in schools. Finally, the study revealed that the use of one type of teacher self-evaluation (TSE) deprives innovative teachers from initiating and exploring other viable self-assessment strategies. Therefore, this study propagates the use of alternative self-assessment strategies that can contribute towards the enhancement of quality education in schools in the Zambezi region of Namibia.
AbstractEducational Leadership and Management
AbstractD. Ed.
IdentifierMatakala, Vincent Mubiana (2018) The enhancement of quality education using self-assessment strategies in the Zambezi region of Namibia, University of South Africa, Pretoria,