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TitleAbsenteeism of adult learners at the Sekgosese West Circuit in Limpopo Province : a critical reflection
AuthorMello, Masefora Victoria
SubjectAdult learner
SubjectAdult educator
SubjectAdult Basic Education
SubjectSocio-economic factors
SubjectBarriers to learning
SubjectCritical reflection
SubjectAdult learning centre
SubjectSchool attendance -- South Africa -- Molemole
SubjectElementary education of adults -- South Africa -- Molemole
SubjectBasic education -- South Africa -- Molemole
SubjectAdult education -- Social aspects -- South Africa -- Molemole
SubjectMosima Adult Learning Centre
Format1 online resource (12, 100 leaves)
AbstractThe purpose of the study was to find out why adult learners absent themselves from adult basic education programmes and to devise strategies to encourage them to attend classes. In order to achieve the aim of the study, the objective of the study were to investigate the economic and social reasons why adult learners do not attend classes. The research focus on a critical issue of absenteei(sm by adult learners at SEKGOSESE West Circuit adult centre in Limpopo Province. Literature review was engaged in the field of Adult Education and related to the research problem. The literature review presented an insight into theoretical frameworks and conceptual frameworks about causes of adult learner’s absenteeism. The researcher used sources which included journals, books, articles and dissertations. To collect information. This qualitative study explored the causes of adult learner absenteeism and came with strategies to reduce adult learner absenteeism. Critical theory was used as a theoretical framework. The theory deals with social economic factors and conditions under which people live. Data was collected through focus group interviews. There were sixteen participants who attend classes at Mosima adult learning centre, and they were selected homogeneously. It was discovered that adult learner absenteeism is caused by lack of motivation, lack of support from departmental officials, lack of adult learner commitment, lack of facilities, lack of qualified adult educators, lack of respect amongst adult learners and adult educators as a serious matter, lack of parental support for those who are still under parental care and lack of transport for adult learners who stay far from the centre. Based on the causes of adult learner absenteeism, recommendations are made for the Department of Education to address these causes in order to elevate adult learner absenteeism and further research efforts are recommended. It is recommended that the department of education include stationery material in their budget for adult basic education. Adult Basic education educators should also receive adequate training s o that they can be able to teach adult learners effectively.
AbstractABET and Youth Development
AbstractM. Ed. (Adult Education)
IdentifierMello, Masefora Victoria (2017) Absenteeism of adult learners at the Sekgosese West Circuit in Limpopo Province : a critical reflection, University of South Africa, Pretoria,