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TitleThe present utilisation of pans on the East Rand
AuthorWelling, Diana
SubjectPans (Geomorphology)
SubjectGauteng (South Africa)
AbstractPan are naturally occurring depressions or closed basins and play a very important role in ecosystems. The East Rand is characterized by more than one hundred pans dotting its landscape. The impact of urbanisation on these pans is significant. To determine exactly how the characteristics of the pans on the East Rand has changed, a comparison was done between the characteristics and utilization of the pans in 1992, as then described by Le Grange (1992) and the current situation in 2003. Water samples were also collected over a period of three months and analysed in the laboratories of Rand Water. The current utilization of the pans leaves much to be desired. Informal settlements, industries, residential areas and mine dumps are all found on the pan floors. Large waste dumping sites are developing at five out of the 19 pans in the study area. This has severely negatively affected the water quality within the pans, and the quality of bird life at thee pans. Continuous research is needed from government and private organisations on the pans found on the East Rand to improve their current quality and condition. Responsibility and proper management strategies must be implemented to protect the pans from negative human impacts.