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TitleApplication of information and communication technology in uplifting rural Dibate community in South Africa
AuthorHlatshwayo, Thandeka Precious
SubjectDigital divide – rural areas
SubjectICT - South Africa
SubjectRural development - ICT
SubjectDigital divide--South Africa
SubjectInformation technology--Economic aspects--South Africa
SubjectInformation technology--Social aspects--South Africa
SubjectRural development--South Africa
SubjectInternet--Social aspects
Format162 p
AbstractSubmitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree: Master of Technology: Entrepreneurial Studies and Management, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2017.
AbstractDifferent social classes of people in South Africa are divided, digitally. This phenomenon manifests as a disparity of information in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), which is a matter of concern, as the use of ICT is acknowledged to greatly influence the world today, more specifically so in rural areas. An investigation to determine which factors affect rural communities’ access to information, as well as progress levels that can be realised in the support means employed by people resident in rural areas, through introducing ICT’s in their day-to-day living, thus addresses the purported ‘digital divide’. The study’s population was drawn from the Dibate Village community, located in Mmabatho in Mafikeng, South Africa. Recommendations from the findings, point out how ICT facilities can be utilised in the development of rural communities, not just socially but also economically. As main objective, the study evaluates and examines the use of ICT facilities for commercial activities, in uplifting the rural community in the area of Dibate Village. This study is of value to governmental and non-governmental organisations where improving both socio-economic development and service delivery is concerned, in South Africa’s rural areas.