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TitleDoes the involvement of third parties in surrogacy agreements raise the risk of exploitation of prospective surrogates and prospective parent(s)?
AuthorDyers, Bianca
SubjectCommercial surrogacy
SubjectReproductive autonomy
SubjectCommissioning parent
SubjectSurrogate mother
SubjectSurrogate motherhood agreement
AbstractMagister Legum - LLM
AbstractSurrogacy on many occasions is referred to a million-dollar industry. Just like many countries, South Africa has prohibited commercial surrogacy, thus South Africa only permits altruistic surrogacy. The prohibition has consequences for third parties such as surrogacy agencies and surrogacy facilitators, as their right to occupation freedom which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, is limited. No right is absolute, any right can be limited if it can be proved that it is in the best interest of the public. The prohibition on commercial surrogacy is argued to be in the best interest of the public as it can lead to the exploitation of women and the commodification of children.
PublisherUniversity of Western Cape