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TitleA critical assessment of the constitutionality of section 79(7) of the Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998, with specific reference to the proviso
AuthorPillay, George Aloysius Permall
SubjectCommunity corrections
SubjectCorrectional centre
SubjectImproved health
SubjectMedical condition
AbstractMagister Legum - LLM
AbstractIn recent years the issue of medical parole has become a controversial issue in South Africa. Prior to 2012, at which juncture the law governing the release of inmates on grounds of terminal illness was amended, there were cases where the public deemed the law inadequate and susceptible to political interference.1 There can therefore be little doubt that an amendment to the law was opportune to ensure that the release of inmates was based on legitimate medical reasons.
PublisherUniversity of Western Cape