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TitleTrends in the presenting clinical profile of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in the Western Cape, 1991 - 2009
Authorde Jager, Veronique Rejean
SubjectPulmonary tuberculosis (TB); TB clinical profile; TB transmission; TB case detection; National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP); TB/HIV co-infection; Sputum smear positivity.
AbstractMagister Public Health - MPH (Public Health)
AbstractOver the past two decades, despite a growing tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, the South African health system and National TB Programme (NTP) have taken significant steps to ensure improved clinical awareness, early diagnosis, prompt treatment initiation and follow-up of treatment outcomes in cases of TB. The effects of these programmatic measures over time on changes in the severity of disease and presenting clinical profile of patients with pulmonary TB have not been studied. Doing so may provide another window on the impact of TB control initiatives in South Africa.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape