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TitleRetrenchment in the insurance industry: the small business development dividend
AuthorLouw, Leonie Barbara
SubjectDownsizing of organisations
SubjectEmployees -- Dismissal of
SubjectOrganisational change
SubjectLayoff systems
SubjectEmployees -- Ability testing -- South Africa -- Gauteng
SubjectSmall business -- South Africa -- Gauteng
Format1 online resource (xvii, 286 leaves)
AbstractThe focus of this study was to investigate the employment difficulties faced by individuals who had been retrenched from the insurance industry during the years 2000 to 2013 in order to develop an understanding of the continuity in the specialist type of work after their retrenchment. The study also aimed to investigate the actual and perceived barriers that need to be addressed in the South African small business environment and the specific soft skills and business skills of small business owners and non-small business owners. The research design of this exploratory study entailed a positivist research philosophy using a deductive research approach. This quantitative research was conducted by means of a survey questionnaire. A questionnaire was designed and used to determine the level of importance and the level of own skills for small business owners and non-small business owners respectively in terms of predetermined soft and business management skills. The answers provided on these questions were then analysed to determine whether there was a gap between the level of importance assigned to these skills and their own skill ratings. This research determined the barriers faced by small businesses in South Africa as well as the level of agreement regarding the predetermined actual and perceived barriers pertaining to the small business environment. Notable findings of this study include that there was a distinct lack of continuity in the specialist type of work by the small business owner respondents in the insurance industry. There was a marked difference between the level of portance and own skill ratings assigned to the predetermined soft skills and business management skills with non-small business owner respondents mostly rating themselves as better skilled than small business owners did. However, the fact that these non-small business owner respondents did not start their own small businesses points towards higher risk aversion. This study also found that small businesses in South Africa are facing pronounced barriers within the small business environment.
AbstractBusiness Management
AbstractM. Com. (Business Management)
IdentifierLouw, Leonie Barbara (2018) Retrenchment in the insurance industry: the small business development dividend, University of South Africa, Pretoria,