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TitleKnowledge retention at a platinum mine in the North West Province of South Africa
AuthorMakhubela, Salmon Salba
SubjectKnowledge retention
SubjectKnowledge drain
SubjectKnowledge management
SubjectRole players’ support
SubjectLearning organisation
SubjectOrganisational culture
SubjectCase study
SubjectKnowledge transfer
SubjectSouth Africa
SubjectKnowledge management -- South Africa -- North-West -- Case studies
SubjectInformation organization -- South Africa -- North-West -- Case studies
SubjectPlatinum industry -- South Africa -- North-West -- Case studies
SubjectInformation resources management -- South Africa -- North-West -- Case studies
Format1 online resource (iv, 107 leaves) : color illustrations, map
AbstractKnowledge retention plays an important role in combating organisational knowledge loss. However, some organisations, including mining companies, still lose organisational knowledge due to employees retiring, resigning, downsizing, attrition and so on. This leaves the companies with a shortage of qualified and senior, experienced employees to meet production needs, which has a negative impact on the running of the operational functions on a day-to-day basis. This qualitative study utilised the knowledge-retention model as a theoretical framework to investigate knowledge-retention strategies at a platinum mine in the North West province in South Africa. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with 10 employees of the platinum mine in North West province who were chosen purposively, as well as organisational document review. The key findings revealed that although the mine has a knowledge-retention policy, some of the employees are not aware of its existence and there is no enough investment in knowledge-retention initiatives within the organisation. The study concludes by arguing that having knowledge retention policy, strategies and initiatives on paper but failing to implement is as good as not having it. The study recommends that management become involved, support knowledge-retention initiatives, and ensure that knowledge retention policy is implemented in the organisation.
AbstractInformation Science
AbstractM.A. (Information Science)
IdentifierMakhubela, Samon Salba (2017) Knowledge retention at a platinum in the North West Province of South Africa, University of South Africa, Pretoria,