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TitleThe role of the Spirit in the eschatological ethics of Revelation
AuthorMbedzi, Pandelani Paul
SubjectEschatology - Biblical teaching
SubjectRedemption - Biblical teaching
SubjectBible. N.T. Revelation - Theology
AbstractM.Litt. et Phil.
AbstractThe role of the Spirit in the Eschatological Ethics of Revelation was a topic that has given me Great Joy to learn in the book of Revelation the role of the Spirit, Eschatology and Ethics. In this book I have discovered the plan of Salvation which was laid before the foundation of the World in a very clear manner. God, The Master of the universe, revealed to John the final story of this world"s history, at the Isles of Patmos. The Trinity is well explained and even their duties as the God Head. God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Ghost of which my dissertation is looking at the office or the role of the Spirit in the Second Coming of Christ. From Genesis to Malachi, it is God the Father who revealed himself to mankind, and from Matthew to Acts 1 : 8., It is God the Son who came in person to reveal God the Father and from Acts 1:9 to Revelation it is God the Holy Spirit who will teach us all that God the son could not finish teaching us. The Script is divided into Five Chapters which are the orientation into the book of Revelation, the theology and the ethics of the book of Revelation, the Eschatological Ethics in Revelation, the Holy Spirit in Revelation and the role of the Spirit and the Eschatological Ethics of Revelation, which is the theme of this script. Then we have the conclusion of the script. There are very few books written on Revelation and let alone on the Spirit but I have tried to outline the role of the spirit in this great book of the Bible and I hope to research further on some issues that are hard in Revelation. It is the book that summarises the history of the World Kingdoms in only 22 Chapters and I have limited mine to only Five Chapters. The Spirit has played the greatest role in Revelation because according to plan it is the time for it to play its role. The last events of this world will be shocking, the devil is angry. In the book of Revelation God calls Himself as the King of kings and Lord of Lords. He is the Almighty God. All creation own their existence to Him. It was one book of the Bible I did not like reading, but the research has helped me to develop some liking for the book. It is the book for our modern generation and unlike the book of Daniel which was to be put away until the end times, this one is to be read and a blessing is pronounce to the one who will read the book. We need to read this book very much and books that are in context should be written about the book. The few books that have been written on Revelation are not all very relevant. They miss the point. Most of them need well researched books to make clear the mysteries that are in Revelation and the Bible explains itself even in other books of the Bible which can also be used to explain the book of Revelation. The book of Daniel even though its in the old Testament, it has a lot in common with the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation opens for the reading of the book of Daniel in the old Testament and for one to understand Revelation well, one needs to read the book of Daniel together with Revelation. The beasts in Daniel are the beasts in Revelation. Even though some people would want to divide the old and the new Testament, they are the same and they interpret each other very well. The new testament has a lot of old testament quotations. I am trying to correct some misinterpretation of some verses found in the Book of Revelation and It will be good for any one who will read this script to read it carefully and critically because in the field of learning we learn by making mistakes and your input will be appreciated. In Revelation the devil is being given the last warning and all those that need life are called to come out of Babylon the Mother of all Harlots because if we do not come out of her and keep the commandments of God, then we will drink of the wrath of God which will be poured without a mixture for all those that worship the beast and its image.