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TitleReflexivity and scholarship initiatives: an examination of transformational leadership development
AuthorVan Geesbergen, Jennifer
SubjectLeadership Development
AbstractThere is a leadership gap on the African continent that requires the development of leaders that can help to transform society by bringing together government, civil society, and business. This study explores the relationship between reflexivity, scholarship programs and the development of transformational leadership identities and why they are needed to advance positive social impact on the African continent. By examining South African and African scholarship recipients this study focuses on the development of transformational leadership from the perspective of business schools and demonstrates how scholarship initiatives are able to cultivate scholars" ability to think more consciously and innovatively about complex societal issues. The findings indicate that scholarship initiatives and networks, both new and more established, provide an important space for exchange, critical reflection, and self-development. The reflexive practices that emerge during scholarship initiatives act as a catalyst for building the leadership identities of the scholars. These reflexive spaces offer a unique opportunity for scholars to become more self-aware of their capacity and their potential as leaders but more importantly allows for deep conversations and shared meaning-making, which results in shared leadership identities and stronger collaborative spirits. The study offers insights on how transformational leaders are shaped and influenced and how the process of developing transformational leadership as a collective occurs. In addition, this research offers recommendations on how to strengthen the scholarship platform and encourage reflexive practices to meet the needs of future scholars, business leaders, entrepreneurs and social innovators.
PublisherUniversity of Cape Town
PublisherFaculty of Commerce
PublisherResearch of GSB