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TitleNewsroom convergence at the Mail & Guardian : a case study
AuthorVan Noort, E. E.
SubjectSubjects to be assigned
AbstractThis case study researches newsroom convergence as a process at the Mail & Guardian newspaper and their online edition the Mail & Guardian Online. It focuses on the reporters’ and editors’ attitudes towards newsroom convergence and on cultural resistance against change; one of the major challenges in the process. With structured interviews, observations and questionnaires it was analysed that communication problems between the newsrooms, different production cycles and time management issues are other prominent difficulties. The case study furthermore provides a snapshot of the convergence phenomenon as a process in a particular South African news organisation. The outcomes could not only assist other news companies with convergence plans but also be used as a pilot study for further research on converged newsrooms in South Africa.
Identifier Van Noort, E. E. (2008) Newsroom convergence at the Mail & Guardian : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.